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Colonel John Bowie Strange
Picture courtesy of Virginia Military Institute

Field where Colonel Strange was killed
South Mountain, Maryland

A quality reenactment unit, portraying the men and women of the American Civil War. Founded in 1995, our membership includes participants mainly from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

As a non profit organization we have raised funds over the years that have gone to worthwhile causes. We donate annually to both a Charity and a Civil war project, whether it be Battlefield preservation, Flag conservation, etc. Below is shown one of the 19th's original Battle flags restored by the Museum of the Confederacy located in Richmond, Virginia. We were proud to assist our sister company, Company "B" in helping to have this piece of history conserved. 

The original 19th Virginia Infantry Regiment flag
Click on the picture for information about the conservation of this flag.

Located in Virginia, our sister unit the "19th Virginia Company B " portray  "The Albemarle Riflles. " We met this great bunch of people our first year in existence and our friendship has continually grown over time. Some of their membership actually had relatives that served in the original 19th Virginia. Their web site is currently under construction you can visit it by using the link below.
Recently at this years 2006 Cedar Creek event we met another 19th Virginia, newly formed Company G. Nice folk indeed and we look forward to seeing and fighting along side them in the coming years.

19th Virginia Infantry Company B


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God Bless Our Troops
9/11 We Still Remember

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